Taco - Yet another Discord Level Bot

I'm Taco and I'm connected with 105 servers and 14306 users. Primarily I'm a Level Bot, but i also can do some moderation things. Feel free to invite me!

Here is a list of available Bot commands.
Quick note: Required argument: [arg] | Optional argument: (arg)

    Commands for Everyone:

  • !profile (@user)

    Shows your/the mentioned users's profile.

  • !themes

    Shows available profile/lvlup themes.

  • !theme

    Changes the profile/lvlup theme (to default if no arg specified).

  • !ranking

    Shows Global Ranking

  • !about

    Shows Bot information.

  • Commands for Administrator:

  • !lvl

    Activates/Deactivates the level system.

  • !setLogchannel

    Sets the current channel as logchannel and enables notifications.

  • !delLogchannel

    Removes the logchannel and disables notifications.

  • !changePrefix (New Prefix)

    Changes the prefix (to default if no arg specified).

  • User/Roles with 'manage messages' permission:

  • !!delete [amount] (User Mention)

    Deletes the last X messages (or a specific user's) in the current text channel.